The Story of La Roma

The original La Roma opened its doors in 1978, in Salisbury, as a Pizzeria. Through the years Vinny Bellia integrated his traditional Bellia-family recipes into the menu. This led to La Roma evolving into a full scale Italian Restaurant. Vinny's oldest son Joe, got involved as a kid, then really became a staple in the kitchen in 1992. For 37 years La Roma was the place to see and to be seen. In 2015 Vinny retired and Joe left the industry to raise his 2 young daughters.

After a few years he quickly realized that he missed the kitchen. He started working in this building with the previous Chef, and he began imagining the vision that you see here today. All that was missing was a partner who shared the same passion and work ethic. He approached a family friend and longtime customer, then Joe's La Roma Ristorante was created. Joe Bellia and Chris Van Sant are excited to welcome you all, and provide the same authentic Italian dining experience that La Roma has provided for decades. We hope you enjoy your visit, and we look forward to seeing you all again!